Business Network

We recommend starting with people you already know – including the many you have probably lost touch with over the years. Reconnect with them via link

Data Security And Management

Data security gets a great deal of discussion (and all too much lip service) in the IT community. It also generates more than its share of news.

Growth Strategy

The probability of achieving profitable growth is heightened whenever an organization has a clear growth strategy and strong execution infrastructure.

Why Choose Us

We’re often asked to answer the question why a company should hire an Internet marketing agency to run your marketing campaigns and social media instead of hiring an in-house staff member. This question is especially prevalent when it comes to social media management services. Social media is a very powerful way to engage your ideal audience and it’s changing the way businesses markets themselves online and off, Social Media Marketing is a way to have a personal conversation with potential customers and current customers about your brand online. With this in mind, some feel that handling all social media efforts in-house is the best option.

However, there are many advantages to partnering with an Internet marketing agency for your social media needs.

We take time to learn your business, your goals and identify your target audience, We help you create a unique yearly social marketing strategy and internet marketing plan. Working with our company you also have the below benefits with working with an internet marketing agency.


Advanced Tools and Software

NOW Marketing Group partners with companies that produce advanced tools and software related to the social media industry. We use cutting-edge software and apps for monitoring the Internet for relevant conversations, collaborating with teams and analyzing performance of your social media marketing.


NOW Marketing Group has a full team of social media professionals, experienced in the nuances of numerous social networks and passionate about developing comprehensive conversation strategy for our clients. With our team, you’re provided with more time, more manpower and more resources at your finger tips. We have someone to monitor your reputation and promote your brand around the clock. No need to worry about time off, vacations and employee turnover.

Exclusive Industry Knowledge

NOW Marketing Group has access to the latest features and advancements from industry insiders, allowing us to provide cutting-edge tactics for your social media program. We have representatives and contacts at the major social networks and relationships with industry leaders,which allows us to keep up-to-date on constantly changing practices and strategies within the industry.



Improve Your Company

Network members continually improve through our unique peer review and network-driven processes. These processes make up a program that provides intensive business training in the form of coaching, […]


Create Industry Best Practices

Network members observe and evaluate each other’s companies in real time, learn from each other’s successes, and generate positive solutions to their business opportunities Your team will continually […]


Be Held Accountable

Meetings are held twice per year; each company takes home new ideas and SMART Goals to implement. These goals have concrete action plans, steeped in accountability and leadership. […]